Torrance Pride Cleaners

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Torrance Pride Cleaners
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Taking On the Tough Work

Suede, leather, and fur is not easy to take care of, so letting us handle it is the way to go. You can depend on us to do it the right way and you can continue to wear the stylish garments without having to worry about cleaning them yourself.

You Can Depend On Our Service

We know how important your fur, suede, and leather items are to you. We promise to take care of them and use the best methods to safely and effectively clean your items. Our team will make sure all your precious items are taken care of.

Keep your fur, suede, and leather clean and looking like new. Our professional staff will take great care with your clothing.

Don't trust your nice clothing with just anyone. Call us today:


Your Material Will Look Like New

Your suede, fur, and leather will look revitalized and like new when we're finished with our cleaning process. Your nice clothing will look its best for years to come.

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