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Torrance Pride Cleaners

Dry - cleaning

Many clothes require special care suede, leather, fur, boots and bags, fabrics and upholstery. when cleaning blinds, bedspreads and stuffed animals only a dry - cleaner can provide. Your clothes will look, feel, and smell great when we're through with them. We repair / clean rugs and drapes. The difference between at home and professional washing is huge.

Wash and Fold

If you struggle to find the time to wash your clothes, our convenient wash and fold services are for you. We wash your clothes for you. You can count on our professional staff to take great care with your clothing and follow your instructions.

We take the finest care of all your clothing, from your tuxedoes and ball gowns, to your tee shirts and underwear.

If you're interested in having your clothes professionally cleaned, call:


Pickup and Delivery

For added convenience, we can pick up and deliver your clothing for you. This means you can have freshly washed clothing without lifting a finger.

Professional Cleaning Services

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